Improved cultivation temperature

After several years of trial and error, horticultural company Young Sun, of Taiwan, has found a good solution for using ReduSol to protect its potted and bedding plants. The coating is applied to the sidewalls as well as the greenhouse roof. 

“Prior to using coatings we often had to resort to air-conditioning,” says Yang Teng-An, owner of Young Sun in Puli, central Taiwan. “If we didn't, the temperature rose too high for our potted and bedding plants, such as anthuriums and begonias. Three years ago we started to use coatings. We tried several different types, such as ReduHeat and ReduFuse, and we eventually arrived at ReduSol.”

All sides coated 
His greenhouse is 8000 m2 and seven metres high. All sides are covered with the coating; this gives the best effect. It required some experimentation to discover the best way to apply it to achieve the best result in the wet tropical climate of Taiwan. “We now apply it twice per year to the sides and three to four times per year to the roof. We don’t wash it off in between; during the season the rains make the coating thinner,” says Mr. Yang.

Lower greenhouse temperature 
The greenhouse temperature has dropped by at least 2ºC due to ReduSol. As a result, he doesn’t have to cool the house as much, which has led to substantial savings in electricity. Mr. Yang has not changed his ventilation strategy or the settings for the climate computer. The grower is very pleased with the effect of the coating. “The plants clearly grow better because they experience less stress. In addition, it is also more pleasant to work in the greenhouse. Now that we have figured out the best way to apply it we will continue his way. I have already recommended ReduSol to a colleague.”

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