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Every situation and geographic location is different which makes that the ideal ReduSystems product can vary greatly. To facilitate your choice, we have brought together our experience and knowledge in an online tool; ReduWizard.

Direct advice:
  • Product properties
  • Application & removal
  • Amount required
For this advice we will use your location's climate data.
Alternative shading?
(For example: shading screens, pad & fan cooling)
Greenhouse gutter height
Greenhouse material
The necessary amount of products is calculated based on the area.

About this advice

ReduWizard provides the user with advice on which ReduSystems product suits best for his unique situation. This advice is based on the data entered by the user combined with a database of global climate data such as statistical data on precipitation, temperature, irradiation and the technical characteristics of the ReduSystems products.

The user is ultimately responsible for product selection and the consequences of applying the ReduSystems product. If desirable, Mardenkro or its distributors are prepared to give you personal advice.

Mardenkro can not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this productwizard or any damages beyond her control.

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